Rocket Propellant Mill


This milling machine is designed to reduce the moisture content of the nitrocellulose-based propellant paste from 25-35% to 8-12% via a compressing process. The two even-speed compressing mills turn propellant paste into a propellant sheet. The temperature of the mills remains 70-90 C° while gelatinizing the propellant paste into a sheet with a 0-1% moisture content.

Functional specifications

  • Zone 1 Ex-proof and Ex d II BT 4 class Atex certified.
  • Operated via PLC control.
  • Capable of processing 16kg wet paste having moisture content for each charge feeding
  • Double-sided operation.
  • The rolling workbench has two rollers rotating at equal speeds and rotating toward each other.
  • The roller surface is highly polished and smooth down to 0.025 microns.
  • The gap between roll mils can be adjusted manually or automatically in a range of 0-12mm with an accuracy of 0.1mm.
  • The main body of the workbench is produced as a single-body cast iron.
  • The roller mills are equipped with a scraper blade mechanism.
  • A 2mm-thick stainless steel heated tray mounted under the rollers with a quality of ASTM 304
  • Central and automatic lubricating system.
  • Flame retardant body paint.
  • The control and electrical panels are installed in a non-hazardous area.
  • All precautions against static electricity, fire, explosion, and similar risks are taken.
  • The temperature of rollers is monitored by the control panel.
  • Heating is provided via 4-6 bar water through the rollers with a temperature of 70-90 C°.
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