Ammunition Loading Machine

The rotary-type ammunition loading machine is the most effective cartridge-loading machine with its high capacity, quality assurance functions, and multi-caliber properties. It is designed to load both pistol and rifle ammunition.
Its camshaft structure and rotary motion provide progressive loading of cartridges at high speeds. Thanks to its structure the net throughput does not decrease when changing from pistol ammunition to rifle ammunition. Furthermore, its structure allows safe and easy operation and maintenance.

Any group of small arms ammunition can be created to be loaded in this machine using conversion tool kits. It can load pistol calibers as small as caliber 380 automatic and rifle calibers up to 338 Lapua. The changeover is achieved within a couple of hours.

Designed to produce military ammunition, this ammo load equipment provides not only high-capacity production but also ammunition quality considering modern ammunition loading requirements. Therefore, Yeter Makina’s ammunition loading machine serves arsenals, commercial loaders, and foreign governments to produce precise and reliable ammo in an easier, safer, and more productive way.

Ammunition Loading 

Yeter Makina’s ammo loading equipment is more of a loading system with its ex-roof property, minimum level of physical human interaction with the machine, and quality check functions. The loading machine is built following the ATEX Directive. All the safety precautions are taken to safely handle the gunpowder. Materials in the gunpowder feeding system are chosen accordingly. The loading machine is operated through HMI touch screens and the real-time ammunition production count is displayed on the screen.

The cartridge quality is progressively assured through several quality check instruments during the ammunition loading. First, the cartridge case mouth is checked for precise bullet seating. Then, the gunpowder level is checked, bullet seating is followed by a bullet crimping, and the cartridge length and the cartridge exterior form/loadibility are checked. The ammo loading system culminates with a dynamic check weight to ensure cartridge weight with high accuracy. During these progressive quality checks, all the insufficient ammunition components are ejected from the system immediately to prevent cartridges seated with a bullet unnecessarily.

Ammunition Loading Machine Production

Yeter Makina’s ammo-loading machine has a durable framework enclosed with sound and safety enclosure. The doors of the machine are safely locked and the machine does not operate unless the doors are properly closed.
All the tools are produced by Yeter Makina. Therefore, we assure the supply of original replacement parts as long as the machine is in use.

Make sure to check our Primer insertion Machine and Ammo Sealing Machine to consider combining them with our Ammo loading Machine for a high-capacity ammunition assembly line. As a machine manufacturer and system integrator we provide a turnkey ammunition assembly line including manual inspection and automatic ammo packaging machine. Our ammunition assembly line is designed to produce military ammunition and it has the functions to eliminate all sorts of imperfections on the ammunition components that could lead to a misfiring. The entire ammo assembly line is produced following the ATEX Directive and is certified Ex-proof. Not to mention the entire line provides multi-caliber ammunition assembly through conversion tool kits just like our ammunition loading machine.

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