Manual Inspection Machine

When the components that have dimensional and geometrical imperfections are already discarded by the assembly machines only surface imperfections are left to be detected. Manual inspection stations are efficient in handling 200 cartridges per minute with two lines having one operator at each line.

Manual inspection stations are automatically fed by an elevator conveyor from the loading machine. Cartridges are lined up on a horizontal belt and conveyed in front of the operator. The cartridges rotate as they move on the belt for a 360° visual inspection enhanced by a mirror reflection over the horizontal belt.

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Functions and Advantages

  • Provides 360° visual.
  • Only surface imperfections are detected and discarded manually.
  • Each operator can inspect 100 parts per minute.

When assembly machines perform dimensional checks the manual inspection machine is sufficient to complete cartridge inspection




Human Interface and Safety

  • The machine is designed for a minimum level of physical human interaction with the machine.
  • The system refuses to run when the air supply pressure is insufficient.
  • The system shuts down in case of a jam.
  • The real-time production count is displayed on the HMI screen.
  • The faults and their location and all the alarms are listed on the HMI screen.
  • All stations and their components are displayed on the HMI screen.