Sealing/Varnishing Machine

The sealing machine is a rotary-type machine based on a cam mechanism. Therefore, it is reliable and easy to maintain. Its continuous motion provides high-capacity throughput.

Considering the risk of gunpowder or primer contamination by moisture, gun oils, etc. especially in military ammunition the machine ensures cartridge mouth circularity first, then sprays an asphaltic sealant/lacquer around the primer and inside the cartridge case neck at the same time for a strong-enough attachment of the bullet.

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Functions and Advantages

  • Cartridge mouth circularity assurance

Avoiding varnishing the faulty shell cases saves on sealant and protects the needle inside the cartridge mouth when applying the sealant.

  • No cartridge case, no dispense. A ‘Case existing check’ is performed to prevent sealant from spilling inside the machine. If the case does not exist on a certain station the needles do not apply sealant.
  • No primer, no dispense. If the case is missing the primer, it will be discharged.
  • Sealing primer and inside the case neck at the same time
  • Sound and safety enclosure
  • Easy operation through HMI touch screen.
  • Dynamic, continuous sealant application
  • Door-closed sensors
  • Buffer area for curing
  • Durable framework.

Human Interface and Safety

  • The machine is designed for a minimum level of physical human interaction with the machine.
  • The system is fed automatically.
  • The doors of the machine are safely locked and the machine does not operate unless the doors are properly closed.
  • The system refuses to run when the air supply pressure is insufficient.
  • The system shuts down in case of a jam.
  • The real-time production count is displayed on the HMI screen.
  • The faults and their location and all the alarms are listed on the HMI screen.
  • All stations and their components are displayed on the HMI screen.