Ammo Packaging Machines

The automated ammunition packaging machine is used in cases where ammo is stacked in cardboard boxes. It not only provides continuous operation but also ensures that boxes are folded, glued, and filled accurately.

We built separate dedicated packaging machines for pistol calibers that fill the pistol cartridges first in plastic trays, and then into the boxes.

Rifle calibers are stacked in cardboard boxes in an alternating order. Boxes are unfolded automatically and hot glued. Filled and sealed boxes are checked with a camera to ensure that the unfolding and the sealing is successful and weighed at the end of the line to make sure that the quantity in each box is correct.

Ammo packaging machines can be entirely re-designed according to the client’s preferences and the requirements of end users. Laser marking, inkjet printing, label applicators, palletizers, etc. can be embedded into the system based on the end-user’s logistics and storage requirements. Semi-automatic packaging systems also can be designed.

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Functions and Advantages

  • 200 ppm.
  • Boxes folded and glued automatically.
  • Camera check for box folding (discards if faulty)
  • Rifle cartridges are stacked into boxes in alternating order. Pistol cartridges are filled in plastic trays first, then placed in boxes.
  • Box closing and hot gluing.
  • Camera check for box closing (discards if faulty)
  • Weight check for quantity (discards if faulty)



Human Interface and Safety

  • The machine is designed for a minimum level of physical human interaction with the machine.
  • The system is fed automatically.
  • The doors of the machine are safely locked and the machine does not operate unless the doors are properly closed.
  • The system refuses to run when the air supply pressure is insufficient.
  • The system shuts down in case of a jam.
  • The real-time production count is displayed on the HMI screen.
  • The faults and their location and all the alarms are listed on the HMI screen.
  • All stations and their components are displayed on the HMI screen.

Conversion Tool Kits

Any group of small arms calibers can be created to be assembled in this system including NATO calibers, SOVIET calibers, and blanks.

It takes roughly one shift to convert the system into the next caliber.

All the tools are produced by Yeter Makina. Therefore, we assure the supply of original replacement parts as long as the machine is in use.