Ammo Assembly Line

High capacity. 240 ppm.

Multiple calibers with conversion tools (Any group of small arms calibers including NATO Calibers, Soviet Calibers, and blanks)

Quality check functions at every station.

Ex-proof. It is built following the ATEX Directive.

Easy to operate and maintain. Built on CAM mechanisms.

Fully automated (PLC-controlled and operated through HMI touch screens)

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High-Capacity Primer Inserting Machine

The ammo assembly line begins with the primer inserting machine. It is a high-capacity rotary-type machine based on a cam mechanism. Therefore, it is reliable and easy to maintain. It has several quality check functions to ensure a precise primer insertion. Furthermore, the quality functions inserted in this machine ensure that the shell cases are good enough to continue with assembly.

The system is designed ex-proof and further safety precautions are taken. The primer feeder is placed in a safety enclosure and the machine does not operate until the feeder is safely enclosed. Primers are slid down from the feeder to the machine through a tube, creating a safety gap in the tube. Furthermore, a sound detection system is embedded in case a primer ignited to shut the system down. Click here for further information about the Primer Inserting Machine.