Ammo Lines

Ammo Lines

Our ammo line is designed for high-capacity ammunition assembly. This ammo line is also a multi-caliber ammunition assembly line. Any group of small-arms calibers including pistol and rifle calibers can be gathered to assemble in this line with a very few numbers of machine operators and manpower.

This ammo line is designed to produce military ammunition and is built following the ATEX Directive. So, it is certified as Ex-proof. Other than its safety functions, high capacity, and multi-caliber properties this ammo line is embedded with quality check instruments to eliminate all components that could lead to a misfiring.

Our ammunition assembly line begins with a high-capacity primer-inserting machine. It performs primer inspection, cartridge case inspection, and output product inspection with a machine capacity of 240 parts per minute regardless of cartridge size. Followed by a high-capacity sealing machine where the primer and the inside wall of the case neck are applied with an asphaltic sealant compound. Therefore, the ammo loading in this line is performed after the sealing. The ammo-loading machine is a rotary-type high-capacity machine that assures accurate ammo loading and performs quality checks on output products including cartridge weight, cartridge length, and cartridge exterior form/loadability. This ammunition assembly line is designed to assure all dimensional accuracy on cartridges. Therefore, cartridges need to be inspected only for surface imperfections which can be performed on our manual inspection machines. The ammo assembly line culminates with an automated ammo packaging machine which can be re-designed according to the end user’s logistics processes.

The production of these ammunition assembly machines is accomplished in-house including the software, PLC programming, control panels, and all CNC machine parts. They are designed for a minimum level of physical human interaction with the machine. The entire line is controlled via HMI touch screens.

Importance Of Ammunition Lines

The ammo line is delivered with conversion tool kits when multiple calibers are assembled. Replacing the conversion tool kits is fairly easy and it can be accomplished within a shift.

We deliver this ammunition assembly line as a turn-key system and our engineering services include all elements to initiate and maintain efficient ammunition production. The scope of delivery includes;

• Installation of equipment at end user’s site
• Supervision over installation (mechanical and electronic)
• Test runs
• Equipment performance tests
• Commissioning of the ammo line for production
• Final acceptance tests
• Start-up support
• Operational documentation
• Preventive maintenance documentation
• Training (Both at Yeter Makina during factory tests and at end user’s site during commissioning)

Our engineering services are not limited to starting up the ammo line. Since we produce all machine CNC parts ourselves, we can provide machine parts as long as the ammo line is in operation. Furthermore, we can deliver a complete set of conversion tool kits for any small-arms caliber that the end user wants to add to the ammunition assembly line.

Our ammunition assembly lines have been working at Turkey’s military ammunition production facility and in several other manufacturers around the world. They produce both NATO and SOVIET calibers including blank cartridges. We now offer this ammo line internationally as a system integrator and a long-term solution partner for ammo production.

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