About Yeter Makina


About us

Our family business was established in 1990 to build special-purpose machines. We have built many types of custom-designed mechanical systems as a long-term, committed solution partner for several industries.

In the defense industry, we maintain our position as an approved supplier for Turkey’s largest munitions manufacturer. We have several ex-proof systems running in these facilities for over a decade.

Our high-capacity small-arms ammunition assembly machines have proven themselves by operating three shifts a day for years producing military ammunition in Turkey.

Today we continue manufacturing these rotary-type ammo assembly machines in a 2.500 square meter indoor plant in Turkey. We produce all our ammo machines and systems according to ATEX Directive and we certify them ex-proof.

We have several CNC machines, including 5-axis CNCs and CMMs (Coordinate Measurement Machines) for precise parts manufacturing for our systems.

We are now a system integrator and can deliver turn-key small arms ammunition assembly lines including the software and control panels with ex-proof properties.

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